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Q) I am a registered user but my registration code is not working with the latest version. Have I done something wrong?

The latest versions use a different registration algorithm, and as a result older registration codes will not be recognized by them. Instead of requiring a registration password, you will need a license file to unlock the program.

If you have already registered, please contact us with your OrderID, full name and previous UserID and we will send you the license file free of charge.

Q) When AppsTraka starts, I always get an error message similar to '36708,9430700231' is not a valid floating point value. What can I do to solve this?

If you receive this error message, you should first uninstall all versions of AppsTraka. Delete the following two files from your system:


Finally, download and install our latest version, and the problem should disappear.

Q) My computer crashed recently and I lost the e-mail with my AppsTraka Password in it. Is there any way you can send them to me, without me having to register again?

Yes, all our customers details are stored in an encrypted database. If you have lost your password, all you need to do is send us an e-mail which includes the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your E-mail Address
  • Your Postal Address

After verifying the details are correct, we will e-mail out your registration details free of charge. We recommend that you always print out your registration details and store them in a safe place.

Q) I lost my password, tried reinstalling AppsTraka, but it is still asking for the password. Is there any way I can get it back, or set another one?

Yes. It is impossible to retrieve your current password, since it is encrypted, but you can set another one. Reinstalling AppsTraka won't help since the password is stored in a secure location on the system. To choose another password you must contact us, and we will give you the instructions for setting a new password.

Q) In your description you say "AppsTraka records a log file of all programs and files used on the computer". Does it also log the Internet sites visited?

Yes. AppsTraka logs the caption of any window which the user has viewed. So the page you are viewing now would be logged as "Frequently Asked Questions - AppsTraka - (web browser name)". This gives you a fairly good idea of what the user is up to. You can also save regular screen shots to give you a visual image of the desktop and any web sites visited.

Q) Is there any way I can read a remote log file without having to physically walk over to the machine? As an NT admin, I could mount another user's root share to my local machine and look at their log.

Yes. AppsTraka can export the log file to any drive on the network in a text-file format. This feature is located in the "Advanced" tab under "Settings". You can set the time interval at which the exported log file is updated. Then all you need to do is view the text-file as you would with any regular file.

Q) On the cost of the software, is this a site license fee as well as individual user fee?

No. The single user license (currently $30) allows you to use AppsTraka on only one machine. If you would like multiple or site licenses, please see our multi-user license page for more information and pricing, or feel free to contact us.

More FAQ's will be added soon.
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