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AppsTraka 3 features a great new interface . It makes browsing through the different types of logs much easier.

The window log, which is similar to previous versions of AppsTraka, records the caption of every window the user has viewed, as well as the time and duration of use.

The screen captures log contains all the screen shots of your desktop that were taken by AppsTraka. You can specify the duration and quality of the images. The logs can be previewed in the small window (see image) or opened full screen.

The keyboard log is a new feature which records all the buttons pressed on the keyboard, as well as the name of the program running at the time. This allows you to monitor what users type in chat programs, e-mail, documents and password boxes.

Previous users of AppsTraka may be familiar with the locked files feature. Now all you need to do is simply drag and drop the files you want locked, and AppsTraka will take over the rest.




Fixed startup bug which affected international versions of Windows NT


User profiles can now be created in Windows 2000/XP
Appstraka can no longer be terminated using Task Manager
Optimized program size (reduced download size by 40%).

Hiding drives and removing Find/Run commands from Start menu bug removed.

Exporting Window Log file to an invalid network path bug removed.
More flexible options for setting up rules for Window Protection.
"Force users to login" options works more reliably.
More stable than previous versions.


Removed two memory leaks which caused Appstraka to become unstable if running for extended periods.
Better support for registered users. If there is an error with the license file, a more meaningful error message is displayed.


Exports both Window and KeySpy log files to text file for saving or printing.
Better support for Windows NT / 2000 (No more 'Privileged Instruction' error messages).
Detects running instances of AppsTraka more reliably.
Fixed "Invalid Floating Point Value" error in corrupted logfiles.


Great new interface - AppsTraka is much easier to use and setup thanks to the new interface.
Added KeySpy feature which allows all keypresses to be logged.
Drag and drop support for adding files to the 'locked files' list.
Removed memory leak bug, and regional system incompatibilities.
Uses new log file format, which is incompatible with older formats.


Changed AppsTraka icon from "eyes" to a "combination lock"

Removed bug which allowed user to shutdown AppsTraka by right-clicking the taskbar while prompted for a password

Added a feature to allow copying window names to the clipboard for convenience.

Removed bug which appeared if log file export interval was set to 0 minutes.

New setup user interface (now you can change most options from the one place).

Added a "file locking" feature which allows you prevent any file from being viewed, deleted, copied or moved.

Bugs - removed bug which only matched case-sensitive user login names. Protected windows that ask for passwords are only captured once, not continuously.

Fixed bug which affected Windows NT users recording invisibly.

Added new feature which allows you to hide disk drives from users. Also allows you to remove the 'Find' and 'Run' options from the Start Menu.

Increased security for Protected Programs when displaying error messages.

New feature allows you to specify which users you want to enable recording and protection for.

Removed small bug which caused no windows to be recorded if the window age limit is set to more than 60 seconds.

AppsTraka can no longer be prevented from loading at startup by deleting the run key in the Windows Registry. (Better protection...)

More efficient/tidy storage of registry settings.

Added Screen Capture function with quality and time control. 'Export to Text File' now sets the date as the default log name (quite useful for archiving).

Added a new way to access the AppsTraka user interface. You can just click on the executable file even if AppsTraka is already running, instead of having to click Start -> Run and enter password.

Removed a bug in the program which prevented first-time users from installing AppsTraka (there was no problem if you were just upgrading versions).

Added a feature that allows you to set a time limit on any window. (Time rationing)

All versions before this are not included in What's New



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