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Do you need to monitor a Windows XP PC? Try the latest remote spy software for free.





Welcome to AppsTraka! Monitor and control the home, school and office computer easily with AppsTraka...

AppsTraka is a desktop security application which monitors and controls user activity. It can track programs, files, keystrokes, websites visited and the complete time they were all used. Features include:

  • Window Log
    Records the caption of every window the user has viewed, along with the time and duration of use.
  • Screen Captures Log
    Contains all the screen shots of your desktop that were taken by AppsTraka.
  • Keyboard Log
    A new feature which records all the buttons pressed on the keyboard.
  • File Locking
    Drag and Drop support for adding and removing locked files.
  • Windows Security Extensions
    Hide disk drives from users and restrict options in the Start Menu.
  • Stealth Surveillance
    Keep the program totally hidden from users for maximum effectiveness.

Version 3.16 is now available (December 19th, 2002)
Version 3.16 is a minor upgrade and addresses several minor issues. See the Whats New page for more information about this release, or visit our download page to download it now!

As reviewed by TUCOWS...

"Meet the king of desktop security applications."

"The only security application that you will keep."

Read what ZDNet is saying about AppsTraka...
"AppsTraka is a powerful security program you can use to paint a very clear picture of how others are using your computer. You can set it up to log all open windows, including title, time, and duration, and to save screen shots of your desktop at a regular interval of your choosing. Beyond surveillance, AppsTraka allows you to deny access to any programs on your computer, based on the current user. You can simply deny access altogether, impose a time limit, or require a password to access any program you add to the secured list. You can also hide items from the Start menu and select drives. You can run AppsTraka in stealth mode, making the program all but undetectable, or make it as visible as you wish, complete with warning messages. It's remarkably easy to set up and use and provides excellent surveillance and security measures."

(5 stars)
As reviewed by A1 Yippee.net...
"This is a powerful system security tool featuring everything you need to keep your computer safe and protected. It comes with heaps of features including a key log, passworded directories, files and windows, time limits and you can even capture screen images! This program is top quality and good for students who want to keep parents or brothers/sisters out of their files. The latest version features better Windows 2000/NT integration."

Heard enough!
Download a fully functional 30-day trial version of AppsTraka now!

File Size: 628 KB
Latest Version: 3.16
License Type: Shareware (30-day trial)
Registration Fee: $30
Release Date: December 19th, 2002
System Requirements: Pentium 200+, 32 MB RAM, 5 MB Free space
Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

Installation Instructions
Please see installation instructions on the download page.

If you are still having trouble installing AppsTraka, please contact us. Make sure to include a detailed description of the error message, as well as some information about your system.


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All Rights Reserved

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